New Drivers

So you’ve just passed your driving test and you are just itching to hit the roads! But hold on just a minute, before you start driving the streets and motorways of the United Kingdom, Ashley Neal’s Driving School would like to give you some last minute driving safety tips for when you are out there on your own for the first time;


Just because you have past your test does not mean you will be completely ready for the roads! Even the best drivers will not necessarily be ready when it comes to new and compromising situations on the road. Be aware of everything that is happening around you on the road and leave your self plenty of space to react in case of an emergency!

Don’t show off

You haven’t spent all that money on learning to drive so you can showboat! Don’t drive at excessive speeds to impress somebody! This is targeted at young people especially. We understand when you’re with your friends, it’s easy to get carried away and have a bit too much fun but please, don’t show off – Chances are you can lose control and worse injury yourself and others.

Keep learning!

Again, just because you have a license in your wallet does not make you a pro! Learn from experience. Take a pass plus test to reduce your insurance costs and gain some valuable experience. You can’t technically fail a pass plus but you can learn some useful advice. Alternatively if you still feel unsure about driving after you have passed, you can always get extra driving lessons around Liverpool and the North West.