eDriving Solutions

Ashley Neal is proud to be a partner of eDriving Solutions which is offering smarter, easier and better ways for our students to learn how to drive. Our partnership allows us to provide digital products and services helpful for drivers to pass their theory and driving tests. eDriving Solutions allows us to provide access to a […]

What To Expect When Learning To Drive

Deciding to learn to drive is a big step towards independence, whether you are 17 and need the car to get to college or you are 30 and need it to drive your family around. If you have no driving experience whatsoever, it can be very daunting when it comes to starting your lessons. Here […]

Tips For Learning To Drive As An Adult

Learning to drive can be a nerve-wracking experience when you are first picking it up in your late teenage years. You are plagued with self doubt, you are afraid of embarrassing yourself, but most of all you just want to be able to pass your test at the end of it all and have the […]

How New Drivers Can Avoid ‘Clocking’ When Buying A Car

Some disreputable car sellers will attempt to get a better deal on a below average vehicle. They may attempt to do this by ‘clocking’ the car. This is when its mileage reading is reduced so that it looks like it has been used far less than it really has. Falling for it means customers could […]

Advice To New Drivers Before Motorway Driving

Once you have passed your driving test, all you want to do is get behind the wheel and drive as far as you can. However, there is one problem: the motorway. As your learning has been limited to ordinary roads, tackling the motorway will be a totally alien experience. It can also be quite a […]

Is an Intensive Driving Course Really Worth It?

Some people may prefer the idea of forgoing the regular one or two driving lessons a week, in favour of getting all of their road expertise in one go. While it is likely to be a lot of hard work and perhaps a little overwhelming at times, an intensive driving course can be an attractive option […]

3 Essential safety tips for new drivers

New Drivers So you’ve just passed your driving test and you are just itching to hit the roads! But hold on just a minute, before you start driving the streets and motorways of the United Kingdom, Ashley Neal’s Driving School would like to give you some last minute driving safety tips for when you are […]

Driving tips for Christmas 2013 – How to be safe in hazardous drivng conditions

Drive safe this Christmas! With the Christmas festivities upon us! It's a time for us all to relax, reflect and spend some quality time with our loved ones. But whilst we are being swept away in the Christmas cheer this year, we want to remind you all to be extra safe on the roads this […]