Top Tips on How to Relax Before Your Driving Lesson

Feeling those pre-driving lesson jitters? You’re not alone. Whether you’re a novice eagerly awaiting your first stint behind the wheel or a seasoned driver brushing up on skills, the anticipation can send even the calmest souls into a tailspin of nerves.  But fear not – we’re about to unveil a treasure trove of tips designed […]

Manual vs. Automatic: Which Should You Learn to Drive?

Before you even begin your driving lessons, you’ll have a big decision to make, it’s an enduring debate that continues in the realm of driving – what is the best car to learn to drive in? Manual vs automatic car.  This pivotal choice not only influences your initial learning curve, but also affects your long-term […]

Post-Test: Navigating the Road Ahead After Passing

You’ve done it, you’ve passed your driving test – Congratulations. Now that the difficult part is over, it’s time to enjoy your hard work, get your foot down on the pedal and let your skills take you to where you want.  Whilst you should be enjoying your milestone, there are still plenty of things to […]

8 Best Cars for New Drivers

With sleek designs and smooth rides, our list has everything you need for your new car as a new driver. Read on to find the perfect car for your needs and preferences.

What manoeuvres are required on a driving exam?

Whether you have booked your first driving test or are a beginner driver, our guide to driving exam manoeuvres will prepare you for the road. 

Your driving instructor will select a manoeuvre at random to test you on your knowledge, so it’s best to learn them all just in case. 

What would suggest you’re driving on an icy road?

The UK is famous for its wintery conditions, and as the nights draw in, ice on the roads will become more common.  Operating an automatic or manual vehicle in icy conditions can be stressful if you’re new to the roads. Even experienced drivers face winter-time difficulties, so it’s important to be prepared before the weather […]

How to calm your nerves before a driving lesson

As former novices, we at Ashley Neal know that getting behind the wheel can sometimes feel terrifying. But don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Pre-lesson jitters are part of the learning curve, and the more you practice, the more natural it’ll feel.  Even the best drivers experience on-road anxiety, but that’s nothing that can’t be […]

How to prepare for your first driving lesson

You might feel nervous preparing for your first driving lesson, but there’s truly nothing to worry about.  Your first driving lesson will surely be a breeze in the hands of an experienced Ashley Neal instructor. But if you want to know what to expect, we’re here to help! Here are our top eleven tips for […]

How often should I have driving lessons?

At the beginning of your driving journey, you should take 2-3 driving lessons per week: this will lower as you gain more experience, perhaps down to one a week, so you can supplement your experience with extra practical experience and knowledge.   You don’t just become a confident driver overnight. It takes plenty of time, patience […]