Welcome to our Driving Lessons Resources page. We have been working hard to create high quality, informative videos to give you the edge when it comes to taking your driving test on UK roads. If you like our videos and find them informative, please share them with your friends and family!

1. General Car Maintenanceinitial checks

In the first section of our driving lesson resources, Ashley goes through the standard ‘under the bonet’ with a student. These are checks checks that you may experience at the begining of your driving test. It is important to learn this so that you don’t loose points on one of the ‘easier’ aspects of your test.

Latest Videos Playlist

Show and Tell – Under the Bonnet

Toyota Auris

2. Basics

How to Set Up Door Mirrors

How to Steer for the Driving Test

Moving Off: Clutch Control

3. Approaching Roundaboutsroundabout

Roundabouts can be one of the more tricky areas of your driving lessons/test. Make sure you see our videos to understand what you need to look out for when approaching roundabouts. These videos were recorded in between picking pupils up for their driving lessons in the Liverpool area.

General information

Double Roundabouts

Approaching a Roundabout – Straight or Right?

Emerging onto roundabouts

4. Driving test

Sat Nav Driving Test

Real Example #1 – New test route with Sat Nav

Top 10 Most Common Driving Test Fails

Top 10 Myths of the UK Driving Test

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