Drive safe this Christmas!

With the Christmas festivities upon us! It's a time for us all to relax, reflect and spend some quality time with our loved ones. But whilst we are being swept away in the Christmas cheer this year, we want to remind you all to be extra safe on the roads this year!  The Christmas season can be a treacherous one, with higher than average accidents on the roads due to hazardous weather and careless driving! So here is some of Ashley Neal's Driving School's driving tips for the Christmas period to keep you safe!

1. Check weather forecast before hand

If you are travelling out and about this Christmas, be sure to keep an eye on the Weather forecast! The last thing you want whilst visiting family is to be stranded in the middle of nowhere by gales and heavy rain making many roads impassible! Only travel if you have to!

2. Make sure you are topped up

If you are making a lengthy car journey somewhere this year, make sure your car has been topped up with all the correct fluids. A long journey can really take it out of a vehicle sometimes and a lack of fluids can but you and your passengers in some serious danger! Carry reserve fluids in the back of the car if you have some spare!

3. See if your tyres are in shape

With hazardous weather conditions around, ice and heavy rains and can damage the surface of the roads and cause some roads and passage extremely difficult to drive on. Make sure your tyres are in tip top condition!

4. drive at reasonable speeds.. best to be cautious

There is no need for speed! We are all trying to get somewhere this Christmas and this means the roads are going to be busier than usual! Take time to plan your trips properly and beware! Accidents will happen, be sure you don't break the speed limits and drive slower if they weather is gets worse!

If you follow these guidelines for the Christmas Period! You are sure to be safe and have a care free Christmas!

So Merry Christmas everybody!