Ashley Neal is proud to be a partner of eDriving Solutions which is offering smarter, easier and better ways for our students to learn how to drive. Our partnership allows us to provide digital products and services helpful for drivers to pass their theory and driving tests.

eDriving Solutions allows us to provide access to a practice driving theory test which is supplied by the official assessment body – the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Being able to take a mock exams, which includes their hazard perception clips, will give you a headstart before you sit for the actual test. It also ensures you are less likely to fail and be made to pay for the test again.

We also have a number of other unique digital assessments for learner drivers. Your instructor will be able to track your progress via the software, allowing them to understand where you might be struggling and what areas you may need to improve on. Ultimately, it means your learning is better understood by your instructor so that you become a capable driver in as quick a time as possible.

Ask your instructor about how our e-learning tools provided by eDriving Solutions can help you pass your test.