Date Published: May 14th, 2019

If you’re wondering how to pass your driving test the first time, have a look at some driving test tips we have compiled below, to give you an extra boost of confidence.

1. Try to have a lesson before your test

Whether you do this in the morning on the day of your test or the day before, one last lesson may give you that extra boost of confidence you need as well as serve as a refresher of all the essential things you need to remember.

2. Make sure you’re ready

The worst thing you can do that will almost guarantee a fail is to try and rush your lessons to get your licence. Make sure both you and your instructor think you’re ready to take your test. If you aren’t confident enough to think you will pass, it is best you have a few more lessons before booking your test.

3. Be early and lose the stress

The last thing you want to be for your test is late. Not only does this look bad to the examiner it also puts you in a bad mindset to take the test and you’re more likely to stress out and make mistakes.

4. Ask your instructor to come along

This is more about moral support than actually cramming in some last minute test knowledge. It’s nice for the person who taught you how to drive to be there to root for you whilst you are taking your test.

5. Do not assume that you have failed the test

One of the worst things you can do is assume that you have failed in the middle of the test. When you do this you lose your confidence and start to make mistakes that could lead to you really failing when you wouldn’t have failed in the first place.

6. Choose the date of when you take the test wisely

When picking the date to take the test, try to pick a date that is at a time when you’re not very busy as this will lower the chances of you turning up to your test stressed. You will also have more time to prepare if you pick a less busy time to do your test.

7. Try to learn your test routes

Your instructor may be able to help you with this as they will be familiar with the test routes in your area. It’s a good idea to try and learn them so you won’t be too surprised on the day of the test if they take you somewhere you have never been before.

8. Go over your theory before the test

It’s a very good idea to go over your theory knowledge before your practical test as your examiner is likely to ask you questions about road signs for instance. Your theory knowledge will come in handy to help make you a better altogether.

9. Ask your instructor to do a mock test

As it is your first time doing the test, it’s good to get familiar with the way it will be conducted. If you ask your instructor to perform a mock test with you, you’ll be able to get a feel for how the test will go on the day and you will feel much more comfortable when you have to do it for real.

10. Eat before you take your test

When thinking of how to pass your driving test for the first time, eating probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Eating before your test will help you stay focused as you won’t be thinking about lunch the whole time. When you give your body the right fuel you’re more likely to perform better and stay concentrated on what you’re doing, making it less likely you will make a mistake.

11. Try to stay as calm as possible

This may be a bit of an obvious one, but it is important to stay calm and collected if you want to pass your driving test first time, as your examiner will be able to tell if you’re very anxious or stressing out. You’re also more likely to make mistakes when you’re nervous. It is normal to feel a little bit anxious during the test but you should try to keep your heart rate down and your mind focused on the road. Try not to drink coffee before the test as the caffeine can make anxiety worse. Listen to soothing music before you arrive and take deep breaths often!