Some people may prefer the idea of forgoing the regular one or two driving lessons a week, in favour of getting all of their road expertise in one go. While it is likely to be a lot of hard work and perhaps a little overwhelming at times, an intensive driving course can be an attractive option for those who need to learn to drive very quickly.

But are intensive courses really worth it? The answer, unfortunately, isn’t straightforward, as it all depends on how you learn best and what you are hoping to get out of the experience.

Intensive Driving Courses: the Pros

Some of the benefits of taking an intensive driving course include:

  • It can often work out more cost-effective than taking regular lessons over a long period of time. With the latter, it is very common to have spent thousands of pounds before you have even considered taking your test.
  • It allows you to gain your knowledge of the roads and pass your test within a short space of time. This is good for people whose lives are too busy to fit in one or two lessons a week.
  • It can be an ideal solution if you need to learn to drive very quickly, such as for a job offer or a relocation.
  • Taking driving lessons intensively can help you block out the distractions of everyday life, enabling you to focus solely on achieving your goal for the time being.
  • Those that fail their test on an intensive driving course, usually only need a small handful of lessons afterwards to iron out any kinks and polish up their skills.

The Cons

However, some things to think about before taking an intensive course are:

  • It will usually require a hefty upfront fee before beginning the course. Although this is likely to be cheaper in the long run, some people may find it difficult to part with this amount of money all at once.
  • Intensive driving courses are by no means easy – its called intensive for a reason! Participating in one requires you to be 100% committed and determined in order to bring about the best results. Some days you will feel you have a lot of information to absorb at once, and you’ll be spending several hours a day sat in a car with the same driving instructor. (It is normally possible to change your instructor if you feel they’re not the right fit for you.)
  • You may be required to spend time at the driving school away from home – usually up to a week. This can be great motivation for allowing you to focus on passing your test, but dedicated homebirds should bear this in mind.
  • Failing your test is still possible after taking an intensive driving course, and it can often feel all the more deflating after all your hard work. However, as mentioned earlier, very often learners only need a few short lessons afterwards to tighten up their skills.

An intensive driving course, some argue, will only teach you how to pass a test. It will not exactly give you the long term experience you need to become totally road-savvy.

However, once having passed, you can get driving right away, and a commitment to taking regular practice is key to improving your driving ability.