the future of self-driving cars

Back in 2015, it was predicted that self-driving cars would be in circulation by this year. Companies such as Toyota and Honda had also declared in 2016 that self-driving cars would be in production by 2020. So, what changed? Apart from the current pandemic, what’s stopping self-driving cars from being a thing?

Despite best efforts from leading car manufacturers, fully autonomous self-driving cars are still only in their trial phases around the world. However, eager customers can purchase vehicles that predict the need for an emergency stop, or cars such as those in the Tesla range which can drive on autopilot and keep you in your lane. Below are some of the most asked questions regarding the future of self-driving cars.

How do self-driving cars work?

The simple answer is: by utilising cameras and various sensors. The idea is that by doing this, the car can predict when a potential threat will occur and can break/adjust the steering accordingly – all while driving the car automatically with built-in navigation and computer driving technology. However, it seems that teaching AI all the rules of the road is proving more difficult than we originally thought (hence the testing stage).

What will change when self-driving cars hit the road?

With so many investors involved in self-driving technology, it’s easy to assume that a lot will change on our roads once self-driving cars are released. Taxi services may become fully automated in light of Covid-19, and a lot more people with disabilities will be able to travel in a safe environment. Infrastructure might also change to allow for automated road safety for learning AI systems.

Will self-driving cars be good for the environment?

This is still argued today. Many professionals claim that self-driving cars will reduce trips and route time (especially if the infrastructure is developed). It’s also thought that cars powered by AI will use less fuel, brake accordingly and drive the car in a more efficient way than humans ever could.

When will self-driving cars be available?

Technically we’ve been close to self-driving cars for years, especially with the introduction of cruise control, autopilot features and assisted steering etc, we’re still a long way off fully automated cars. It might never happen, according to the CEO of Volkswagen. This is why it’s a good idea to invest in getting a driving license while you wait for the future to arrive. Get in touch today for more information about our courses.